Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kiba fucks Naruto

Kiba Inuzuka

Kakahi x Naruto Story

Naruto and Kakashi’s Secrect Bliss
It all began on a mission to the hidden sand village to rescue the kazekage, Team 7 was on the move to save Gaara from the Akatsuki. Noted it wasn't the full team 7, the cell included Naruto, Kakashi Sensai, Sai, and Captain Yamato. Sakura was assiting Lady Tsunade in the leaf hospital. The story starts here...
"Hey Sensai," Naruto said while Team 7 was traveling towards the hidden sand village
"Yo" Kakashi said, whenever he spoke this way Naruto's heart skipped beats.
"Uhm I have a question Sensai..."
"Yeah sure, what is it Naruto?"
"You have had sex right Senpai"
"....wh-why do you ask" replied a very wide eyed Kakashi.
"Well I kinda like someone from the village, but I don't want to look like a fool...if....if we have...."
"I understand Naruto, I was the same way....I will do for you what Jiriya Sensai did for me.."
"....and what would that be Sensai?"
"Yamato, Sai you scout ahead of us, we will regroup and rest by the Kazekages mansion..."
"Yes sir," said Sai and Yamato simultaniously
As soon as Sai and Yamato were out of sight Kakashi ordered Naruto to stop and rest for a while.
Naruto was interupted by Kakashi putting his hand on Naruto's lips and gently shooshing him. Narutos eyes bulging...
"Naruto, I am going to tell you something..."
"Wh-what is it Kakashi Sensai?"
"I-I love you..."
"What?!?!" exclaimed an uneasy Naruto
"Kakashi Sensai, you know the person in the village I love and want to be with forever?"
"Who Naruto?"
"You...Kakashi Sensai"
"Wow Naruto, seriously?”
“...y-yes Naruto,”
“Take me....”
Kakashi then took Naruto’s chin and lifted it towards his head, then bent to kiss Naruto, as Kakahsi’s lips met Naruto’s it was like the entire world froze...a moment of bliss overcame nature. When Kakashi released Naruto looked at him with his intense blue eyes and said,
“Kakashi, I have never loved anyone, as much as I have loved you...”
and at that moment in time Kakashi took Naruto’s hand into his own,
“ mine?”
“I will spend the rest of my days with you Senpai...”
Then Naruto began rubbing Kakashi’s chest subtle moans escaped Kakashi’s mouth in between moans.
“Naruto do you want to be bottom or top?”
“...bottom, please I want to feel you...inside me Sensai.”
Naruto then knelt down and unzipped Kakashi’s pants, Kakashi was already rock hard from earlier and when Naruto pulled down Kakashi’s pants it sprang out almost hitting Naruto in the eye. Naruto then began to gently stroke Kakashi’s 8 inch dick.
“Ahh Natuto that feels so good...mmmmm”
Naruto then took Kakashi’s head into his mouth, and began to play with Kakashi’s balls licking then sucking then back to the dick then back to the balls in a matter of minutes Kakashi was ready to blow his load,
“NARUTOO!!!” Kakashi screamed with extasy as he blew his load all over Naruto, wanting to please Kakashi, Naruto took Kakashi’s load his mouth was filled 3 times, he swallowed it all. Licking the spare cum from Kakashi’s head and pubic hair Kakashi looked down and smiled, “Thanks Naruto...”
To Be Continued